Lincoln Community Club Donates $40k to Lincoln Public School to enhance playground and provide supplies to students

Lincoln Community Club donated $40,000 to the Bismarck Public School Foundation to be used to enhance playground equipment and provide supplies to students.  Most of these funds will be playground upgrades, which provides more inclusive play opportunities for students.

“We are so fortunate at Lincoln Elementary to have the support of the Lincoln Community Club.” Lincoln Elementary School Principal Jill Vallejo stated. “Over the years they have helped purchased the music risers, staging, and additional playground equipment to enhance the lives of our students and community of Lincoln!”

It is estimated that the Lincoln Community Club has in total donated over $150,000 to the Lincoln Elementary School. The Lincoln Community Club believes in the betterment of their community and acknowledges that providing for their local school is an important part of Lincoln’s development.

For more information about the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation or to donate to a school within BPS, please go to or contact Development Director Stacey Lang at 701-323-4093.

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