BPS Foundation Joins the Giving Hearts Team for Inclusive Sports

This year, Giving Hearts Day is on Thursday, February 8th and the BPS Foundation has the opportunity to match a $10,000 endowed gift that was generously given by John G. Morrison and Beth Nodland that will be dedicated to the Inclusive Sports program. Giving Hearts Day is an online fundraising event that assists in raising match donations for non-profits through the website, www.givingheartsday.org.

The BPS Foundation is inviting schools and individuals to Join the Team to help the BPS Foundation reach $20,000 for the Inclusive Sports program. Once this fund reaches this goal, the program will achieve permanent funding for part of the expenses such as equipment, recognition activities, transportation and expansion into middle schools!

Some schools will be participating in activities before February 8th to generate awareness and support for the program. Watch your local school newsletters and Facebook pages for activities that your student may be able to participate in. If your school does not choose to participate, we invite you to go to givinghearts.org on February 8th and consider an online donation. In the meantime, check out the BPSF Facebook page to learn more about the athletes, partners and coaches of the BPS Inclusive sports program.

Evan Sayler, a senior at Century High School is one of those players who participated in flag football and now bowling this spring. What does he say? “Yeah, here I like that there are no barriers, you know, at school you feel like there are barriers between different groups, but here I just feel like it’s all on one level,” (Bismarck Tribune, December 25, 2017). This is only the start of the success stories where it’s not about winning championships and rings, but building lifelong friendships and “making the team.”

Most importantly, the BPS Foundation wants to invite you to share your stories and support for Inclusive Sports on the BPS Facebook page using the hashtag #ijoinedtheteam. This is a tremendous opportunity to share a positive story about the power of peer-to-peer programs and shine a light on the athletes, partners and tremendous coaches of the Inclusive Sports program. If you don’t have a personal story, be sure to cheer on our friends through a any kind of social media share of the Giving Hearts Inclusive Sports video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHTKYradmjY&t=24s.

Stay tuned for more to come!