Hess Supports Higher Education in North Dakota

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Hess Supports Higher Education in North Dakota. Bismarck Schools Foundation has new funds for college and career scholarships

BISMARCK, ND—March 18, 2019 — Hess Corporation announced today that it has donated $10,000 to fund scholarships for graduating seniors in Bismarck. The Hess College and Career Scholarship will be awarded to five graduating seniors of 2019, at an amount of $2,000 each. The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation will administer the scholarship, which is available for seniors who plan on majoring in oil and gas, engineering or the medical fields, as well as for students seeking post-secondary school training or education in emergency medical response, law enforcement, firefighting, or a similar field. The broad application of the grant dollars reflects Hess Corporation’s active role in local communities and support for those individuals who are looking to give back to western North Dakota.

“These scholarships are part of Hess’ statewide commitment to higher education, which includes 15 scholarships totaling $30,000 to graduating seniors who are dedicated to making North Dakota a better place,” said Brent Lohnes, Hess general manager in North Dakota. “As proud partners with our education providers in the state, we at Hess believe that educating and growing our workforce from within the state will make a positive impact in the communities where we all live and work.”

“On behalf of Bismarck Public Schools, we would like to thank the Hess Corporation for their generosity and commitment to furthering the education of our students,” said Bismarck Public Schools Superintendent Jason Hornbacher. “We are thankful for the foresight and donation from the Hess Corporation!”

Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship at www.bpsfoundation.com, with the deadline for applications on April 1, 2019.