It takes a team to make the wheels on the bus go ‘round

It takes a team to make the wheels on the bus go ‘round

Bob Brown, Assistant Director of Transportation

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round both in song and at BPS. I begin this article with thanks to a great transportation team responsible for transporting BPS students to and from school, on field trips, to athletic/activity events, and on regular shuttles like to the Career Academy. In fact, between BPS and Harlow’s, buses running over 200 trips a day, the wheels went round and round to the tune of 852,281 miles last year.

Let’s try to put that in perspective. If it is 24,901 miles around the globe, BPS students went around the globe 34.27 times. Or to make it closer to home, BPS annual transportation miles equated to about 4,309 trips from Bismarck to Fargo.

Traveling that much burned up 154,108.3 gallons of fuel and our buses averaged 5.53 MPG. While that MPG may seem low to a car driver, remember that each school bus eliminates approximately 36 cars from the road reducing traffic, air pollution, and overall total fuel usage for the country.

A total of 1,272,381 rides were taken by BPS student last year. To put that in perspective, if we take the total number of students attending BPS at the end of last year, it computes to every student riding the bus 101.09 times!

Once a BPS bus has seen the end of it useful life transporting students, the Transportation Department donates the bus to either the city or rural fire department. They, in turn, get valuable hands-on experience in bus extrication should we ever need their help.

Take a minute sometime to say thanks to the transportation team. It takes quite a crew to transport students and staff safely. Between BPS and Harlow’s we employ 116 full and part time staff. From our shop supervisor and mechanics who keep buses in top running condition (demonstrated by 30 straight years of 100% state bus compliance inspection), to our great drivers and monitors responsible for safety while moving, and to my office staff who take pride in making transportation roll smoothly.

In closing, our drivers are often the first BPS “face” students see at the beginning of the day and the last BPS “face” students see at the end of the day. I want to offer my personal thanks to all of our transportation staff for their work in keeping BPS students safe and the wheels on the bus going round and round. You are appreciated!