#Donate4Impact Grant Guidelines

  All BPSF Grant Guidelines
  1. Grant recipient(s) shall agree to use BPSF funds solely for purpose intended and requested. If the project changes significantly from the original request, the awardee must notify the BPSF immediately.
  2. Within one month after the project is completed, the grantee shall provide a picture or video of the project in addition to a blog submission of 250 words explaining how the funds were used.
  3. Grantees shall return any unused funds from the grant award to the BPSF within one month after the project is completed. If a project cannot be implemented, the grantee shall immediately return all funds to the BPSF.
  4. Any material acquired shall remain at the sponsoring school, unless approved by BPSF.
  5. Any Bismarck Public School Teacher or Administrator is eligible to apply for a grant.

Online Grant Program

Teachers and administrators looking for an opportunity to fund a creative project at their school that wouldn’t be funded by existing school district dollars are encouraged to post their idea to raise the funds online from the BPSF website. Projects that meet the criteria (see guidelines below) will be posted online for supporters to fund your project! Projects can range from $100-$1000. Projects over $1000 are eligible with BPSF approval. Successful #Donate4Impact ideas may include assisting schools in funding a special field trip, technology, specialty supplies, or pilot curriculum.

How To Apply

Applicants (teachers, administrators, Parent/Teacher Association/Organizations, Booster Clubs) submit their idea to their Principal/Supervisor for approval. Information requested includes: project description, amount of funds requested, total project cost, reoccurring or one-time funds requested, timeframe of project, number of kids impacted, how additional funds beyond the request would be used and how the applicant will promote their project. Once the idea has been approved by the Principal/Supervisor, the applicant will submit the idea online to the BPSF website for review by the BPSF Development Director.

#Donate4Impact Grant-making Guidelines

  • There may be up to three #donate4Impact projects on the BPSF website at one time.
  • Projects must be valued at $1000 or less.
  • Requests must be consistent with the Bismarck Public School district’s mission and must be within the following areas of interest:
    • Projects that promote hands-on learning.
    • Projects that encourage critical thinking
    • Projects that encourage problem-solving
  • Grants will be considered only for projects/uses which are approved but not normally funded or sufficiently funded through the Bismarck Public Schools budget process.
  • Applications can be made individually or collaboratively. Grant applications which show collaboration within a discipline or course of study or grade level are encouraged.
  • Permanent infrastructure will not be funded.
  • One-time funding and pilot projects are preferred.
  • Projects will be posted for a maximum timeframe of 30 days.
  • Additional donations beyond the funds requested can be accepted. Once the targeted amount has been raised, the project will be posted for 5 additional days to determine the additional interest for further funding. If additional dollars are funded for the project, the BPSF Development Director will work with the project sponsor to expand the project beyond the original intent.
  • Projects that do not meet the funding goals will be evaluated by BPSF on the sustainability of the project at the reduced funding level. If the project cannot move forward as originally presented and in a timely manner, the award may be modified or may not be granted at the discretion of the BPSF. In the event an award is not granted, the unused funds become part of the BPSF general fund and may be used for other projects or grants in the future. Funds will not be returned to the donor.