#DONATE4IMPACT: Flexible Seating


Flexible Seating in Miss Becker’s Class

  • Project Contact: Olivia Becker, 2nd Grade Teacher
  • School: Rita Murphy Elementary School
  • Amount Requested: $600
  • Number of students that will benefit: 24

Summarize the project for which you are requesting support. Identify the main activities and time frame for completion.
Time frame to complete this would be depending when/if the grant is funded. Once given the funds, I could purchase the items to make my classroom 21st century ready. I would choose to buy wobbly chairs, foot pedals, scoop chairs, bouncy bands and wobbly chairs. My hopes would be that my project would be complete for the 2017 – 2018 school year.

What are the project’s major goals?
The main goal of this project is to provide students with choice, movement and opportunities for collaboration. Flexible seating aligns with our Bismarck Public School’s mission and vision because it is 21st Century learning. With different seating options available such as a wobbly chairs, exercise balls and scoop chairs students are able to choose where they do their best learning. When we think about why adults enjoy doing work at a coffee shop, it is because they have different seating options and they are able to choose where they sit. Flexible seating is 21st century learning because it encourages teamwork and collaboration. Research suggests students who have ADHD/ADD benefit from rocking while working or bouncing. Seat pedals and bounce bands will also help with active students to focus during their learning. My hopes, with flexible seating, is to create a welcoming real-world collaborative space for students.

From the teacher’s perspective, how will this grant assist you in being more effective?
With space limited in classrooms, it will make my classroom appear larger. It will create more space for collaboration. As a teacher, my belief is to have ‘real-world’ learning such as project based learning. Having flexible seating allows for collaboration and teamwork building. It is also makes learning fun and enjoyable for students which makes me happy to see as an educator.

From the student’s perspective, how will their educational experience be changed, enhanced or improved as a result of this project?
I believe it will be a positive experience for students. I can see them being excited about having this opportunity and being able to sit, stand, kneel, rock and bounce as they work. They will be able to choose where they do their learning and why that works best for them as a learner.

How will you evaluate the effectiveness of this project?
I will evaluate the effectiveness of this project by observing student engagement as well as collaboration. Asking questions such as “How does sitting in a wobbly chair help you focus as you work?” or “How does flexible seating help you collaborate with other students in the class?” I will submit a video interviewing students and a video showing the effectiveness of a 21st century class.

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