of all Bismarck Public Schools Foundation donations are allocated to enhanced programs and services for students and staff. In addition to the donor funding, the following funds were distributed from the foundation to the district and/or district students resulting in their included impact.

In scholarships to deserving BPS students

In Grants to Innovative BPS Teachers & Staff

2019/2020 Impact

In Grants to Innovative BPS Teachers & Staff

In Scholarships to BPS Graduating Seniors


Funding raised for Student Hunger Efforts

BPS serves meals to all students, regardless of their ability to pay, but there is roughly 5% of our BPS families that are struggling to pay these meals back. Through the efforts our great community, BPSF is happy to announce that we have raised $15,184 to help clear all student debt as of October 2020. THANK YOU to our community for your self-less giving and willingness to help our community neighbors in need.



To showcase community support and recognition for this year’s seniors, the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation aired a series of 30-minute features for BHS, CHS, LHS and SCHS that were broadcast on KFYR-TV. The programs were sponsored by BNC National Bank, First International Bank and Trust and Starion Bank and included the individual photos of the graduating seniors along with messages of support from their community sponsor and school staff.

Click here for information on our 2021 Senior Salute features! 

2020 Scholarship awardees: BPSF awards over $20k to BPS Students, awardees announced

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation has announced the awardees of over $20,000 in student scholarships for the 2019/2020 school year.  The awardees are as follows:

  • BHS Scholarships- Abigail Mayer, Callie Stonecipher & Elizabeth Eggl
  • Capital Credit Union- Avid Scholarship- Alyencia Morales & Talia Price
  • CHS Scholarship- Maren Schettler
  • Danie Thomssen Scholarship- Maren Schettler
  • Dixon Wightman Scholarship- Andrew Walter
  • Gloria Sand Scholarship- Anna Schmid
  • Hendrickson Scholarship- Callie Stonecipher
  • Jeannette Myhre Scholarship- Kolby Olson & Michaela Ficek
  • LHS Scholarship- Sydney Dollinger & Tomas Pachecho
  • Neil Souther Scholarship- Joseph Reed
  • Sigl Schlosser Scholarship- Callie Stonecipher & Cody Goehring
  • Tayler Fladeland Scholarship- Jordan Schumacher & Kiki Stevenson
  • Walz Scholarship- Jordan Schumacher
  • Wold Family Scholarship- Casey Jorgenson, Cody Goehring, Leah Bandy, Megan Kroh & Preston Fettig

For more information about these scholarships, to establish a scholarship or to donate to an existing scholarship, please contact Development Director Stacey Lang at 701-425-2473.

Our Mission

Partner with the BPS District to empower every learner to thrive by enhancing the services and recognition of students and staff.

Our Vision

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation (BPSF) is focused on developing long standing community relationships and partnerships that promote continual growth in learning, innovation, inclusion and excellence within Bismarck Public Schools.

Our Values

Operational Excellence

Abide by all operational policies, procedures and BPS District MOU requirements.

Equity for All

Provide assistance (funding and potential community partnerships) to enhance inclusion opportunities within BPS.

Enhanced innovation opportunities.

Provide assistance (funding and potential community partnerships) to increase innovation within BPS.

Recognize Excellence in those we serve.

Work with district administrators to establish events and programs that increase recognition of students and staff through district-wide programs and events.

Develop long-standing community partnerships.

Bismarck Public School Foundation will strive to develop long-standing community partnerships with both individuals and businesses within our community.


Partner with the BPS District to empower every learner to thrive by enhancing the services and recognition of students and staff.

Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director